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January 2012

Happy 2012 from 3rd Dimension Design!

   The changing of the calendar brings with it the hopes and aspirations
   for a better business year.  If one of your resolutions is to attract
   more customers, increase your internet presence, or update your general
   marketing scheme, then 3rd Dimension Design is able to help!  We offer
   a variety of marketing and web services, including:
     * Web Development:  update that website or go for a new design
     * Graphic Design:  business cards to marketing materials
     * Photo & Video:  a face to your business or a video for that product

   To discuss how 3rd Dimension Design can help your business, please feel
   free to contact us at (859) 373-1888 or email us at

Hosting: It's that time of year!

   Our yearly hosting price has dropped! Web hosting payments for 2012 are
   due this month, and the price per year has gone from $200 to $180 ($20
   Saving!).  Unless you are one of the clients that pay monthly, please
   submit your hosting payments as soon as possible.  In addition to this
   newsletter, we will soon be sending out invoices for 2012 hosting.
   Hosting can be paid via PayPal at
   [4]3rddimensiondesign.com/webhosting.html (just click on the applicable
   'Pay Now' button and follow the prompt) or via check sent to 3rd
   Dimension Design, 1741 Traveller Road, Lexington, KY 40504.  Not only
   is the 1 Year rate the best deal at $15 per month but it also assists
   3rd Dimension Design.  Just as a reminder, the hosting rates are as
     * 1 Year:  $180
     * 6 Months:  $108
     * 3 Months:  $57
       4. http://www.3rddimensiondesign.com/webhosting.html

Telling Your Story:  Impact Marketing

   2012 is the year of the story.  We spend billions of dollars every year
   going to the movies, buying books, and watching TV.  For some, they
   take it one step further and frequent celebrity blogs, buy celebrity
   magazines, or follow their favorite personas via Facebook or Twitter.
   Why?  Fundamentally, people are fascinated in the story of who people
   are and how they came to be that way.  Maybe we look to stories for
   inspiration.  Maybe they help us to know who to trust.  Maybe the
   stories just help us connect with other human beings.

   What does this mean for your business?  Clearly, we are a society
   fascinated by the story, fascinated by someone else's tale.  As a
   business, your website should take the time to tell your company's
   story.  Sure, you probably have a mission statement and a team profile
   page.  But a concise telling of your company's story will help retain
   your customers and attract new ones.

   A customer that feels like they know your company and appreciates that
   it is more than bricks and mortar (or in this case, more than web
   address and content) feels more invested in your company.  They are
   more likely to exhibit loyalty and sing your praises through
   word-of-mouth marketing.  A person that reads the compelling story of
   your company's beginnings and triumphs is more likely to frequent or
   retain your business.  They will have a better understanding of who you
   are and how you came to be that way.  Compelled by the story, they will
   choose your business over the competition.  The following are
   considerations for telling your tale:

   Visuals:  Typeface, color and design are important tools for telling
   your story.  Your visual choices will either make your business look
   like a high-end furniture store or a pawn shop.  3rd Dimension Design
   can help you         formulate a visual language that expresses who you
   are, what you do, and what matters to your business.

   Language:  The tone and style of your words matter!  The prettiest
   website or marketing material will not change your content's message.
   All content copy should be considered to ensure that a consistent story
   is being told.      It's impossible to tell a story of quality and
   value with misspellings, aggressive fonts, or inconsistencies.

   Testimonials:  A great way to tell your story is to let your clients do
   it for you.  Personal testimonials from a real person are powerful -
   they let clients and potential clients emotionally connect to an actual
   human being who has the same problem or requires the same service.  The
   format of the testimonials are also important to the overall story.
   Should it be highly polished video or hand-held and informal?  Maybe an
   audio clip or a written testimonial?  The presentation of your clients'
   testimonials depends on the nature of your business and the customer
   base you are trying to reach.  3rd Dimension Design offers video, audio
   and content     writing services to present your client's testimonials.

   There is also a risk in not telling your company's story.  If you don't
   take the time to tell your story, you are already communicating quite a
   bit about your company.  First, it says that you don't really
   understand who you are or what you're doing.  At 3rd Dimension Design,
   we understand and can help!  It's often much more difficult to design
   your own website and write your own content than it is to service your
   clientele.  An objective 3rd party like 3rd Dimension Design will help
   you tell your story.

   Second, many businesses underestimate the power of their own story.
   You probably think that your story is not as compelling or interesting
   as your competition's story.  Trust us, your story is worth sharing and
   will greatly help your business.  By giving a user content about a
   company's origins, you evolve from a faceless corporation to a business
   of human beings with struggles, triumphs and motives.  This will create
   emotional connections and increase sales and lay the foundation for a
   longterm relationship.

   Start telling your story today.  If you need assistance in drafting
   your company's story or improving your website or marketing content's
   story, contact 3rd Dimension Design at (859) 373-1888 or

Search Engine Optimization:  Are you being found on Google?

   Search Engine Optimization ("SEO") is the process of improving the
   visibility of a website in search engines through search results.  As
   an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work,
   what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into
   search engines and which search engines are preferred by their target
   audience.  An easy way to optimize a website involves editing the

   Just like customers, search engines like Google are more likely to
   "look" at your website if the content is regularly updated.  Most of
   the websites through 3rd Dimension Design include a content management
   system that allows the owner to easily update the content of your
   website.  If you are unsure how to update your website's content, 3rd
   Dimension Design offers helpful videos over your content management
   system at http://www.3rddimensiondesign.com/help.html.  If you are too
   busy to update your website's content or would prefer professional
   help, please contact 3rd Dimension Design at (859) 373-1888 or
   JohnH@3rdDimensionDesign.com.  We offer reasonable rates to update your
   website's content.

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