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February 2012

Spring Cleaning 2012

Though it's only February, we have already begun our Spring cleaning at 3rd Dimension Design. We have redesigned our website, www.3rddimensiondesign.com, to give it a clean, fresh look. We were tired of the dark color palette and decided to lighten it up to (hopefully) attract new 3DD clients. We also simplified and cleaned up the text so that the content is more easily digested by those seeking basic information about the services offered by 3DD.

There are many reasons to update and redesign a website. One reason is to simply update the look of your website. Just like fashion and automobiles, what was attractive and mainstream 5 years ago is probably outdated today. An up-to-date website communicates the idea that your company is growing, innovating, and getting customers. If a person visited your website a year ago, then came back today and nothing has changed, they would think your business is stagnant and may question the quality of your product or service. In addition, a redesigned website provides the perfect excuse to update the content of your website. The websites that get the most traffic are those where the content is constantly changing, being added to, and improved.


Another reason to redesign your website is to focus on a specific clientele base or attract specific clients. One of the challenges of starting a business is figuring out who will make up the majority of your clients. Who you thought would be your clients 5 years ago may not be your clients today. You need to update your website to retain your clients and attract new ones.


Or the situation may be one in which your business has changed and evolved and your website needs to follow suit. You started out with a website with content copied and pasted from your company's brochure. The sole purpose of this website was to provide basic information about your business. Now, you need a website that makes sales, encourages reviews, and interacts with social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


Regardless of your reason behind wanting a website redesign, 3rd Dimension Design can help! We offer website redesign services and will meet with you to discuss themes, fonts, content, and functionality. Spring clean your website this 2012. Contact us today at (859) 373-1888 or JohnH@3rddimensiondesign.com.

Web Hosting

Web hosting invoices for 2012 were sent out in January. To all the clients who have returned their invoices, a big THANK YOU! As a small business, our administrative costs skyrocket when we have to send out multiple invoices. To make it even easier to pay in 2012, we have reduced our yearly hosting rate to $180. To take advantage of this reduced hosting yearly price, your hosting can be paid via PayPal at http://www.3rddimensiondesign.com/webhosting.html (just click on the applicable 'Pay Now' button and follow the prompt) or via check sent to 3rd Dimension Design, 1741 Traveller Road, Lexington, KY 40504.

 3rd Dimension Design, More Than Just Web Design

3rd Dimension Design has been in business since 2003 and we have added many services to our repertoire over the years. If your business needs additional marketing materials, chances are we can help! Just as a reminder, we offer: - Web Services such as web development, graphic design, search engine optimization, copywriting, consulting, logo design, and hosting. - Graphic Design Services such as brochures, flyers, business cards, tickets, banners, catalogs, and signature. - Photography/Videography Services such as photo shoots for people, products, and services; high-definition video shoots for products and advertising; and video for websites.

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