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Social Media Services

3rd Dimension Design offers social media campaigns packages to market your product, service, or special deal.  We would meet for a consultation, consider your business's social media goals, and devise a plan to tackle your goals.  It could be as simple as devising a month's worth of social media communications or designing backgrounds for your social media accounts.  We could also shoot and produce videos to increase your business's interactions with existing and potential clients.  To accompany these social networking efforts, we also offer newsletter campaigns so that you can personally connect with your client base.  If you would like 3rd Dimension Design to assist you with setting up and producing a social media account, need professional photographs or videos to share, or have general questions about social media, please contact us at (859) 373-1888 or via our contact form.

Social Media Overview

Even if you're not the most techno-savvy business owner, you've probably heard of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  Collectively, these types of systems are called social media services or social platforms.  Every business, regardless of size or industry, should be using at least one social media platform.  Social media services enable businesses to quickly and effectively enhance customer service, business development, public relations and even lead generation.  Inevitably, the first question for any business seeking to join the social platform realm is 'which social media service is the best for my business?'

Choosing your social platform should be based on what type of content your company produces, where your audience is active, and your business's social media goals.  Two noteworthy social media platforms are Facebook and Twitter, which are both regarded as go-to, entry-level platforms for business owners looking to improve their business's social identity and interactivity.  Though both are great, overall the vote goes to Twitter for its quick and effective communication.

Due to its minimalistic approach, Twitter is easy to set-up and maintain.  Though all social media services have a learning curve, Twitter is simple once you've learned how to grow your following.  Unlike Facebook, you don't have to worry about 'friending' people or endlessly 'liking' every customer comment or status.  With Twitter, you may initially have less customers following you, but the quality of their attention and focus will more than make up for the lack in numbers.

Another social platform of great use to businesses is YouTube.  Whether you have speeches, tutorials, or product launches that you want to post, or would like to post video content in the future, YourTube is the video king for small businesses.  While business owners may be able to benefit from better aesthetics and revenue models on other video-sharing sites, YouTube offers visibility, familiarity, and a massive audience.

And of course, you can follow 3rd Dimension Design on Twitter or Facebook.


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