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Our Newsletter/CRM Tool

E-Newsletter Tool

How are you keeping in touch with your customer base? Are you mailing expensive printed materials? Are you talking to them at all?

The 3DD newsletter tool is a cost-effective way to keep your name in front of your existing and potential customers. With a custom graphic presentation of your emails, your business will look more professional and more capable.

The 3DD newsletter can be added to any website, whether we create it for you or not. You can even allow customers to sign up for the newsletter themselves, or choose to maintain email lists yourself.

Our newsletter tool is easy to use, allowing for unlimited subscribers in several custom groups. Editing and sending newsletters is a snap, and each newsletter uses the person's name automatically.
A Newsletter Tool will include the following:

  • Website signup - allow your website visitors to register to receive newsletters
  • Group management - create groups to organize your contacts and newsletter subscribers
  • Subscriber management - add, edit and delete subscribers from the newsletter desk
  • Edit-in-place newsletter - easily create and edit newsletters in the page with images and links built right in

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